Ethical Code


The Novizki Code of ethical conduct outlines aspirational principles as well as enforceable standards that must be implemented into the practice of each and every one of our psychotherapists, artistic coachers, counsellors and therapists. As Novizki graduates, we vow to equally treat our clients and colleagues with the respect and dignity they deserve as human beings.

The Novizki Ethical Code

Our ethical standards are expectations. Therefore, violating them can lead to professional and legal ramifications.

Statement of Commitment

As practitioners of the Novizki method, we all declare to fully comply with the ethical code of conduct, and take on the responsibility to help ensure that our colleagues also uphold this standard. As a main guideline, it is obligatory that we strive to enhance the overall quality of life, dignity and well-being of every individual we encounter.
All Novizki graduates fully understand that compliance with the ethical code is a condition of on-going membership and qualification.

What are ethics?

Deeply embedded with the field of moral philosophy, ethics discuss the intentionality that drives behaviour based on questions of how people ought to act. Ethics are principles that should guide our behaviour.

All Novizki artistic coachers must seek to safeguard the welfare and rights of those with whom they interact professionally. This encapsulates:

  • Encouraging clients to come up with coping strategies
  • Discovering and expressing empathy towards our clients’ inner experience
  • Encouraging our clients to discover themselves

The ICCF Ethical standards for all Novizki practitioners:

  • During all stages of practice, I shall stay loyal to Novizki’s ethical standards
  • I will respect and accept a colleagues professional approach, even if it differs from my own
  • I shall constantly engage in self-enquiry and professional development
  • Our clients’ best interest must be our top priority at all times
  • I shall not exploit or abuse the relationship with the client for any purpose
  • I will conduct research and be completely transparent about the process and outcome
  • I commit to respect and protect the confidentiality of my clients
  • I commit to safeguard or dispose of any information that may disrupt the welfare and anonymity of my clients
  • I will set professional limits to the relationship with my clients
  • I will not partake in any sexual interactions with my clients,
  • I will sincerely explain the nature of art-based psychotherapy and the Novizki Method to my clients upon first meeting them
  • I will not mislead my client, nor exaggerate the capabilities of practice
  • Honesty and transparency will be key during communications
  • I will not advise my clients to do something harmful
  • I will recognise all limitations and boundaries, advising my clients to seek further help if their issues are beyond the scope of my practice
  • Approval must be received from all clients before passing on their personal information
  • A Client must be informed if practice is funded by a third party
  • I will barter practice only if I believe the exchange doesn’t hinder the professionalism of my practice